Our Sea Moss

Yemoja's Organic Sea Moss is ethically sourced from the pristine Caribbean waters of Saint Lucia.



I've been using this sea moss for a month now and I have noticed a major change in my health, I feel more energized, I feel fuller, my headaches went away. This stuff has done wonders for me.

Chicago, IL


I love the taste and the boost it gives me.



Brought a jar from esporta first time trying sea moss and the taste was amazing! Even my daughter loved it. definitely getting more.

Chicago, IL


The passion fruit one is so delicious, I almost ate the whole jar LOL

Los Angeles, CA


I got a jar of mango sea moss it was great, really like it. It gave me a boost of energy for sure.


What is Sea Moss?

Sea Moss, scientifically referred to as Genus Gracilaria, stands as a remarkable source of 92 out of the 102 essential minerals crucial for optimal human bodily functions.